Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SRT #66

Since I got out or work around noon, I stopped by the Franciscan monastery to try to take some pictures of the catacomb replicas they have. Last time I was there, I was in grade school for a field trip and shit was kinda creepy. Unfortunately for me, you aren't allowed down there without a tour guide, and the only tour guide there was an old feeble looking dude. You'd think this wasn't a problem, except that he told me that there was a policy that no tour can occur where there is only one female. Blech. I could take him in a fight. A slight breeze could break this guy's hip, but that's the policy now. Le sigh. I got some pictures of the upper church though, and perhaps I'll actually look through them before the end of time. (Most likely scenario: I go through them during my Christmas break.)

While I was checking out the upper church, I noticed two Italian looking dudes come in as well. As far as I saw, they weren't there for a tour (like me) or confession (a couple people were waiting for the priest). All they did was have little conversations in various corners of the church. They definitely did not stay in one place, but they had no interest in the church itself. They simply carried on their conversation the entire time. The occasional hug would be exchanged as well. I feel as though deaths were being arranged to look like accidents. Some shady shit was going down.

I swear they're in some sort of mafia. But mafia? In DC? I dunno...

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