Friday, February 13, 2009

It can't be healthy to parlay your eating disorder into a career.

So I think I am only really funny when I'm sitting in the back of a classroom and making wiseass remarks about shit going on. I need something subversive and rebellious in the act to fuel me. I was on point today and had the entire back two rows of the room cracking up. Tonight's highlight, on student created kaleidoscope-based diagrams:
It's public health, not Lisa Frank.

It may not seem that funny right now, but people were dying. Trust. I mean, not literally. No matter how anorexic all the nutrition majors looked. (What is up with that? Is it to relate to their patients? And WHERE do they keep their organs?! People have many many billions of trillions of intestines inside of them. There is no way these people can store a kidney, much less an entire digestive system.) As much as I hated on them (and the stank way this one bitch presented herself to the class), I totally appreciate all the material they gave me. God knows I live to hate on such beings.

But anyways, how can I translate this into the rest of my life? It's a mystery. One that I am determined to unravel!

And today's pictures comes to you straight from the Philippines. Well, not straight, it's been about eight months...but whatever! Here we go:

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