Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SRT #25

I am the queen of the impulse buyers. It’s a disease really, I have no control over my actions when I’m in a state of not needing something, but desperately wanting it. For example, a t-shirt that I desperately wanted was reprinted on Threadless this week, and the moment I received notice, I ordered it.¹ But why would I want to pay shipping for only a single shirt? Needless to say, I ordered four shirts ($40) at that time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, not one week ago did my package containing five shirts arrive from the same site ($50). Fours days ago, I received two pairs of shoes ($160), and yesterday, a hoodie ($75) arrived. All of these were purchased with little to no thought except to which shoes would go with which shirts. All purchasing decisions were made in less than two minutes.

And now you ask, "How does this qualify as super random? These are not random occurrences, but a definite purchasing pattern." I agree with this completely. However, the average amount that I spend on impulse shopping is around $100. This past weekend, I decidedly upped that average with the purchase of a Mini Cooper. Within less than a week, I felt the need to buy a car and then went out and got one. For such a large purchase, I’d say it qualifies as the ultimate impulse buy. Despite my recklessness, I bought a car well within my means to own and maintain. So while my impulses may be hard² to ignore, I do have some ability to make sure they’re manageable to a certain extent.

¹ The e-mail also told me about the $10/shirt sale.
² Impossible?

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