Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SRT #52

I hate WordPerfect. It is a demon. A scar on the face of computer software. It needs to die. WordPerfect is the standard word processing program at work. It seems fine. Just a regular program. This ambivalence only lasts as long as you do not have more than five pages to write. For some reason, it likes to start formatting everything incorrectly, inserting random hard returns in between lines, and randomly removing them from where they need to be. It turns neatly ordered documents into raging pustules of disorganization the second you hit the print button. And the longer the document, the more things it will alter. This is a logical conclusion, however, the difference is in the ability to see these things before printing. In a short document, it will do something fairly obvious, like add a header to every page. This does not happen with the 60+ pager. It will add that random header to pages 31 and 56, whilst removing it from where it needs to be on pages 35-38. It will create new page breaks where none need be. It will decide that you want every other reference to be in Times New Roman, not Arial, as the rest of the document is. It will ruin your day.

Fuck wordperfect.

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J said...

postules...good word. haha