Monday, April 07, 2008

Who Is You?!

This fucking coworker is really getting on my nerves now. While I'm trying to make my bagel* this morning, she comes into the kitchen and asks if I caught some segment on some morning show yesterday about sneaker collecting. This wasn't so much the problem as that her voice was dripping with this terrible condescending tone. It's like she was marinating this question to me for the past 24 hours in self-righeous. So what that some people wait in line for sneakers? That they spend more on shoes than on their apartments? WHAT DO YOU CARE? Everybody has something. Some people collect stamps. Other people, shoes. She keeps a compost bin and has a chicken coop. Just LET IT GO.

I've now realized that this is what makes everything she says super annoying. Taking the words at face value, you wouldn't think it was THAT annoying, but it's all soaked in this self-righteous I'm-better-you attitude that makes me want to rip her face off. Not all of us want to be self-satisfied high and mighty freakshows.

God. Now I'm gonna be annoyed for the rest of the day.

* Thomas' Bagels + Honey Nut Philadelphia creamcheese = awesome.

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