Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SRT #56

So I went to the mall to trade in some DS games and get Halo 3. Unfortunately for me, the Kids Foot Locker is right next to the game store I use. On the way from the store to the mall exit, I made the mistake of glancing to my left and seeing these SUPER SHINY SHOES. These pictures do not do the shininess justice. They really are GLORIOUSLY BLINDING.*

Le sigh. Despite the things that make me like these, namely:
  1. SHINY
  2. GREEN
I think I am going to return them. Even though the dunks that get the most play out of me are my high ones, I don't know if it's worth it to keep these. They are currently in the back of my car awaiting judgement. Do I keep them as an homage to the Catherine that has died? As a rebellion against this creature that loves boat shoes and button down shirts? Do I return them as a potential waste of space in my already Foot Locker warehouse type room? As a concession to this preppy dictator that has made every wardrobe decision for the past six (?) months? What do I do?

I don't know how to feel.

* I apologize for my abuse of the Caps Lock, but I really mean it.

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Julie W. Barraza said...

Awesome and wonderful. How nice are your shoes! Everyone should prefer. You have a wonderful collection of fall shoes. I like black shoes. Yours are too much fashionable and beautiful, never seen before.