Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SRT #68

Yesterday had a couple of random encounters.

1. In the morning, a blind guy ran into me. When I turned around ready to lash out, his blindness was apparent, and I was forced to hold in my rage. And he apologized. Jerk. How DARE he steal my moment to unleash some annoyance!

2 In the afternoon after work, a gay dude (in a cowboy hat and who seemed a little drunk already) asks me what direction Dupont Circle is. What kind of gay in DC doesn't know that? You would think he's from out of town, but a conversation ensued where he complained about his apartment being under construction and he was running away from the noise, so he's definitely from around here. This degenerated into how much work sucks and only alcohol and a strip club could comfort him. I declined his offer to come hang out at this mythical strip club. I had important tasks to put off and ignore until the last minute.

Very random.

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