Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolution #2

I resolve to treat white people like just any another minority. I will not make fun of white people for the unfortunate circumstances of their pale births and will only do so when each's personal behavior/opinion warrants such a reaction. For example, I look forward to having this exchange:
ME: So where are you from?
WHITEY: Baltimore.
ME: Nooo, I mean - where are you from?
WHITEY: (Confused) Uh...BALTIMORE.
ME: (Slowly, as English must not be Whitey's first language) Where. Were. You. Born?
WHITEY: (Even more confused) Johns Hopkins?
ME: (Exasperated) Where were your parents born? France? Germany? Perhaps Poland? Do they speak English?
WHITEY: I have to go now.
I encourage all people of color to do this to anyone deserving. Maybe then they'll see how fucking annoying it is.

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