Friday, December 15, 2006

Still Dirrty

If you recall, I have a dirty mind. I can't help it; the dirty/inappropriate thoughts just pop up in my mind for no reason whatsoever.¹ For a little while there, it felt like these thoughts weren't occurring as often as usual, and I almost started to believe that I was growing up. Now I know that this is not the case, the the last few weeks have simply been full of other distractions. In retrospect, I realize that it was not a lack of sexual innuendo,² but a deluge of poop/fart jokes. Do not fret, dear readers,³ I am still as immature as ever.

At work yesterday, we recieved gift bags. Included in these was C.O. Bigelow lip balm. Of course, I tried it and found it to be delicious. I want to smear it on a bagel. Just today, I realized that the previous lip application I was biased towards was a praline flavor, and now this new lip balm is almond flavored.

I'm predisposed towards the flavor of nut on my lips. Tell me that isn't the wrong-est thought in life.

¹ Actually, there are reasons, just not very good ones.
² In your endo.
³ All three of you; though I'm sure I'm overestimating.

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The Todd would be proud