Thursday, March 08, 2007

Better Than Head

I literally tingle with excitement¹ when I look at this picture. Some people get the tinglies from some so-called "emotion" called "love." I get it from shoes and clear cases of idiocy. (I'm fully aware that this picture could have been made by someone mocking the idea that dinosaurs lived with humans, and I applaud this piece.) I tingle because, for a brief moment, it was posted with the dinosaur entry on Conservapedia. People actually believe this shit. Last time I checked, Jesus rode a donkey, not a Brontosaurus.²

I love it when people just set themselves up to be mocked and destroyed. When I have a clear shot at someone, I can't not take it. Usually, I need to maneuver and manipulate to get such an opportunity. Here, it's being laid out on a platter. I'm not going into all the creationism/evolution debate here, as there are plenty of people who make much better arguments, and I already got it all out of my system with my co-workers. The fact that people just offer themselves as target practice for my verbal artillery brings me endless pleasure.³ Very few things even come close.

¹ Not that kind of excitement, PERVERT.
² I'm also not remembering any passage about His pet iguana.
³ Ok, maybe there is a little bit of that excitement; but you're still a pervert.

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