Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stupid Questions

I came in to work today, and sat at my desk. The office is pretty empty today since people that needed to work a conference over the weekend got today and tomorrow off (with pay). So I'm checking my email, and one of the people in Government Affairs who I usually run support for comes right up to me and asks: Are you coming in to work today?

Is she fucking kidding me? It wasn't, "I didn't know you were coming in today,” or anything of that nature. It literally was: Are you coming in to work today? As if I wasn’t sitting at my desk, right in front of her face AT WORK. I had no response for a few moments, and a few seconds later, I just said, “Yeah, I’m coming in today.” What else could I say? Normally, I would have been super sarcastic, but this is someone in a position of authority over me who has the capabilities of making my life miserable. That would be like a waiter interrupting the customer’s meal and asking, “Will you be eating here today?”

No SHIT I’m coming in today.

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