Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Super Random Tuesday #1

I feel the need to produce posts on a more regular basis, but I have a problem coming up with topics to write about. What better way to alleviate this situation than to institute a theme day? So every Tuesday, I’ll write about something super random. Why Tuesday? It’s a random day, and I’d say it rivals Thursday for most random day. Saturday and Sunday are the weekend, Monday is the beginning of the work week, Friday is the end, and Wednesday is the middle. (I hate the “Hump Day” moniker.) Since today is Tuesday, it beats out Thursday. So here goes:

I have about 5500 songs on my IPod. From what I understand, this is quite a large number. So I’ll put all the songs on shuffle and see what comes up, no skipping involved:

Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’
This is one of the best musical montage songs ever. It even has a nice build up to the climax of the song allowing the montage to build up accordingly, usually resulting in some sort of reunion, followed by some sort of make-out/hug/whatever-it-is-that-reunited-people-do session during the guitar solo. And we don't stop believin' it for a second.

Chuck Brown – Bustin’ Loose
You know what? I do feel like bustin’ loose. If, for some reason, you want to get into DC's Go-Go scene, you need to start your education with Chuck Brown.

DMX – How’s It Goin’ Down (Remix)
This song makes me feel super young. I think it came out when I was about 15, and it had a lot of air-play during that summer. Specifically, I associate this song with riding around in my fake-me-out cousin’s Volvo station wagon with some of her actual cousins to random places, including, but not limited to the mall, McDonald’s, and Six Flags. (I don’t remember if it was Six Flags at that point. It might have still been Adventure World.) Also, the way we would pay for gas was for everyone to just bring along random change/spare dollars, and that was enough to get around. Remember that? When gas was cheap?

The Temptations – (I Know) I’m Losing You
This is one of my favorite songs by The Temptations. Even though it’s a break-up sort of song, it has so much energy. I love driving to this song, although the police might not, as I tend to speed if a good song comes on.

Carlos Santana feat. Musiq – Nothing at All
I really like how Santana’s guitar isn’t just a background to Musiq’s voice. It’s more of a duet going on between the two.

And that concludes my first Super Random Tuesday.

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