Sunday, June 18, 2006

Gangsta AZNs

I've always been confused by the fake-me-out gangster asian, or AZN, as they like to be called. The most pressing question, in my eyes, is where did the pressure come from to act like this? In my experience, asians pretty much grow up with other asians. Yeah, you have the occasional non-asian thrown in the mix. And then the random half and half kids. But really, there's no real pressure to act like a thug. As far as I can see it, this pressure is self-imposed. I can just imagine it:

There's an Asian kid sitting at home at his desk, which is strewn with books on advanced calculus and theoretical physics. He's wearing a too-small polo shirt, high waters, and has a pocket protector while staring at his latest test. "DAMMIT! I got another A on an exam! My street cred is going down the toilet! I gotta do something." An hour later, he's got an oversized throwback jersey on with a matching cap, giant jeans, and some fake blinged necklace. "Yo, homeslice! What's good?!"

What the fuck? And you know that this kid went around trying to intimidate people (i.e. other stupid Asian boys), which caused them to act in the same manner. It's the pyramid scheme from hell. I'm not talking about any sort of urban style. I'm completely down the the urban-ism. It's the downright fake ghetto-ness of these people. Don't be ashamed of your parents' success. Take advantage of that; that's what they're there for.

Stop acting like something you aren't. You have a 4 story house, and your parents are doctors. You do not have street cred to begin with. You have no viable means of creating street cred or anything of that nature. Cut that shit out. (Before I cut you.)

Sidenote: I rate that kid as an asshole.

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Anonymous said...

your fucken retarded