Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Was Busy

So I've neglected the last couple of SRTs, and I really do have a good excuse this time: I was busy. Holidays happened, and I had shit to do. I went through the regular holiday routine for the most part. The only new thing was a trip to Tennessee to visit some family over there. The drive sucked, but an 11 hour drive can only reach limited levels of entertainment. Some things to note about Tennessee, or at least the area that we were in:
  1. No one locks their doors. I didn't realize that this is actually true. Whenever I heard a mention of this phenomenon, I didn't actually take it literally. I figured it was just something people said to highlight the difference in crime levels between the coast and middle America. I was very concerned because anyone could just come in and take all of my family's stuff. More importantly, I was very concerned that anyone could just come in and take my stuff. I brought two pairs of top tier shoes with me. It was very stressful.
  2. People are not attractive in Tennessee. While still deep in Tennessee on the return trip, we made a stop for gas. My mom turns to me and says, "People are ugly here. Look at that lady. She's really ugly." She then points to another person in the parking lot and says, "Something is wrong with that man's face. People are uglier here. Even the white people." Perhaps the wrong thing in this is my mom assuming that white people should be good-looking. Perhaps it is the fact that she made a generalization that people of Tennessee have a higher ugly quotient than other places we have been.¹ In any case, we saw many ugly people.
  3. There is little to no appreciation of a good pair of shoes in Tennessee. Seriously, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of the demons known as crocs running rampant through the land. It was disgusting. All non-croc shoes I saw were clearly uncared for and exposed to such atrocities as MUD, DUST, and NATURE IN GENERAL. It made my heart cry, and I mourned for this travesty.
  4. Asians with a slight southern accent are a strange thing to see/hear.
So that was Tennessee. The highlight of the trip is the fact that my (super-dorky) cousin has a Wii, and I proceeded to play Zelda for about 10 hours. That game is super awesome. A close second is the fact that my skills in Mario Tennis 64 are unmatched, as I was undefeated by all using either Monkey (aka Donkey Kong) or Bowser, neither of which had stars. I am the Master of All.²

¹ Some generalizations are based in truth. This one is not simply based in truth; it is just true.
² If all equals Mario Tennis 64.

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