Monday, January 29, 2007

A New Low (High?)

I have succumbed to life and started a MySpace account. Nothing is on it right now, but I fully intend to rice it out. It will become my outlet for all things I hate about my people, namely girls and asians. This page will be so riced out that it will be able to feed a small to medium sized third world country. As opposed to the closet gays who project a facade of rabid homophobia, I will express my hatred by projecting a facade of extreme AZNness.* Be prepared for transparancy atop transparancy, pink text upon pink backgrounds, multitudes of unintelligible babble, and seizure inducing graphics! I will work tirelessly to get other people to do it for me.

It's sad to think about the effort I put into finding new and exciting ways to procrastinate at work.

* AZNocity?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

See how many people's computers you'll cause to freeze...

And yeah, I can't believe she'd get mad at me over that... stupid