Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Those Crazy Cows

On the way to work this morning, I drove by some kind of anti-cloning protest held by:
  1. people in cow costumes,
  2. cows upon which experiments have gone horribly wrong,
  3. people upon whom experiments have gone better than expected, or
  4. some combination of all of these.
I personally hope that it's the fourth option, but with a larger population of option three. Apparently, some people think that by eating cloned food, the consumer takes on genetic characteristics of the consumee.¹ Judging from what I glimpsed of their signs, they do not want to actually become cows. Have any of these people taken a science class? Perhaps they were too busy to go to class due to previous appointments with their local drug dealers, followed by a pressing need to not wash their hair. Maybe they were unable to attend class because they were plastering their vans with rainbows, sunshine, and peace symbols. Who knows? I'm not here to judge.²

In any case, the idea that the genes of your food become part of your own genome is absurd. If that were true, I'd be some sort of porcine creature by now.³ I dare you to find a viable source of nutrition that does not contain any genetic material. Normally, I would place some of wager along with this, such as a new car, or a Nintendo Wii, but seeing as you're going to die in a few weeks of starvation, there's no need to get my hopes up.

¹ Is that even a word? I don't think it is, but I'll still use it.
² Now I'm just being a liar. Of course I'm here to judge.
³ Preemptive strike: Assuming that I'm not already a bit on the porkish side.


Anonymous said...

Even though Greenpeace obviously doesn't know their molecular biology, you should still support them--they save WHALES!

Anonymous said...

Finally. I tell people I like genetically modified food all the time and they look at me like I'm stupid (which is possible) or crazy. But I can't seem to make them understand that it doesn't matter to the consuming person what the genes are, as long as their choc full of protein (and cows are tasty)!