Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Demise

I drink a Snapple almost every day. Lately, I've had a tendency to go for the Snapple white tea, which is delicious. Today's Real fact is:
In a year, the average person walks four miles making his or her bed.
Unless, of course, you're me. I never understood the point of making the bed, especially when the only one seeing the bed is you. If you're having people over, and for some reason or another, they're going to see your bed, go ahead and fix it up. However, if the next person to see the bed is you right before you get into it, thus messing it all up again, what is the point?

I suppose I could do with the exercise, as I'm quite lazy, and get out of bed only to get into the car, then bus, then office. After this long period of sitting, I sit on the way home, then on a couch, then go back to bed. Clearly, I am not getting enough exercise. In fact, the most walking I get in is when I go out, during which time I stand in bars and then walk from bar to bar. Unfortunately, the physical benefits of all this walking and standing is negated by the other activities I'm engaged in. This Snapple fact has led me to discover the cause of my future demise: Becoming a fatty.

Damn you, Snapple!

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