Friday, October 27, 2006

Will Someone Please Think of the Eskimos?!

Dear Magic Hate Ball,

I've always had issues with my weight. I was the chubby kid, the "big-boned" teenager, and the easy fat chick in college. At my worst, I weighed about as much as an adolescent walrus. However, I've lost literally hundreds of pounds due to a strict diet, including gastric bypass sugery followed by a severe case of bulimia. I've successfully kept my weight in the range of 200-215 pounds. I'd like to show off my new slimmer body with low-rise jeans, mini-skirts, halter and tube tops, and other clothing of this type. My family is very against this. They say they are supportive of my dietary choices, and they're proud of my weight loss, but they refuse to support my new fashion sense. How can I tell them that this is what I want without alienating them?

Looking At Reflections Don't Offend

And the Hate Ball says: My eyes! MY EYES!!


I suppose I'm happy for your dramatic weight loss. After all, the female walrus weighs about 1,900 pounds. That's an incredible loss. How did the surgeons ever reach your stomach to begin with? How many interns were there to hold the fat flaps back? You could have fed an Eskimo community for a week. But let's address your question.

There are a number of factors involved in this: your pride in your weight loss, the opinion of your family, fashion, and public safety. I'm glad that you lost 1,700 pounds. Losing the weight of an exceptionally large kindergarten class is quite impressive. In my opinion, however, that gastric bypass procedure is cheating. Instead of bypassing your stomach, you should have just bypassed those hams, cakes, and tubs of lard. That's just me.

But back to you. Your family's opinion clearly means a lot to you. Listen to them! They are not only looking out for you, but for the safety of my eyes. For you to wear tiny tiny clothes is a crime against fashion and humanity. There is a reason tiny tiny models wear these tiny tiny clothes: it looks best on them. You don't see Mo'nique wearing the same outfit as Kate Moss, it just doesn't happen. Also, it's just cruelty to the clothes to make them strain like that. A pair of jeans was not meant to fit around a thousand inch waist, that is why god gave us elastic. As for humanity, why would you subject innocent bystanders to such atrocities? It's just mean. Don't you worry about the well-being of my eyes? Seeing so many rolls on one person will send me into a fit of seizures from which I may never recover.

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