Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Miami: Part II

Here's more of the Miami weekend. Since I figure on three parts total, I'm gonna skip out on this week's Super Random Tuesday. No need for entry padding this week because I have actual things to write about. Here we go:


So we and the BTB arrive on Friday at about 5. The MOH is already at the hotel as she took an earlier flight and the Nazi took advantage of this Miami trip to visit her aunt. On the same note, Jill has a friend who just moved to Miami a week earlier. We’ll call him Jack. While waiting in the hotel for the Nazi, who’s running late, and Jack swings by the hotel and we chill out for a while. There are two rooms at the hotel, one for us and one for the Moms, on separate floors.

So the Nazi got held up a little while waiting for her uncle to bring her into the city. We’re ready for dinner at about 7:00. The Nazi finally arrived around 7:45. Knowing that her uncle was running late, she could have done her hair, makeup, something, anything to speed up the getting ready process. The MOH is ready to go and has been for a while. The BTB is in the process of doing some sort of poofy thing to her hair. So we’re waiting for the Moms to get ready, and suddenly, it’s 8:30. Ok. Let’s give them a call. No answer. Let’s send a text over. No answer. Let’s wait a little bit before trying again. At 9:00, we call and text again. No answer. At 9:30 we send Jane up to see what the hell is happening because we’re fucking hungry. They’re still in the process of getting ready. Poor space-cadet MOH has been ready for a while, but she just kind of shrugs when asked what the hold up is. So Jane let’s them know what’s up, we’ve been waiting, no one’s answering their phone, and we need to eat. Half an hour later, they are ready. We’re still not clear on what they did for three hours and I’m not sure I want to know. The answer will probably send me into a fit of rage/confusion that will take massive amounts of pills to overcome.

So all of us, including Jack, finally get to dinner after 10:00 and we’re all fucking hungry. Dinner was ok. It was pretty much one group at one end of the table and the other at the other end. So both MOH and the Nazi have leftover appetizers from dinner, calamari and fried mozzarella. Instead of just leaving it, they insist on boxing it up and taking it back to the hotel. First of all, these are the worst foods ever to have as leftovers, unless you enjoy chewing on tires. Also, we’re only in Miami for less than two days, is saving leftovers that vital? So we waste more time with them having to bring their rubber back to the hotel. Eventually, we get to this bar/club and have a good time. For the most part, each group kept to itself. Where we bought rounds for everyone (seven people) the Nazi only bought rounds for the Moms when the rest of us weren’t right there. Super shady, I know. I tried to do the bridging thing with the MOH and Nazi, but it was pretty hard, and they didn’t seem too interested in putting in the same amount of effort. So Jack’s hanging out with us as well, and the Nazi tells him: You’ll be cropped out of pictures. Is this really necessary? One, you don’t need to do that; and two, you don’t need to tell him. Jerk. Other than that, Sobe was pretty fun.

So we all get back to the hotel around 4:00 AM. We’re pretty hungry so the Nazi suggests we go to some diner she saw. Once a couple of us changed, we headed out around 4:15. This dumbass leads us in a huge circle back to this diner that’s about two blocks from the hotel. However, instead of simply walking that two blocks, she had us following her ass for about seven. Ugh. So we finally get there, and order our late night food. The food’s pretty cheap ($5-13 range), so we all break out our cash for the bill. At this point, the Nazi says she needs to pay with her credit card because she doesn’t have enough cash for her $8 meal. Are you serious? The thing that annoys me about this is that she wanted us to be prepared to pay for everything in life, but she didn’t bring enough cash for this? My opinion of her continues to plummet. Clearly, she has no concept of money.

This is all pretty wordy, so I’ll summarize quickly: We had to wait three hours to eat dinner, and during this time, our calls were ignored. The Nazi's extra event (visiting her aunt) forced us to wait even longer to get the night started, while Jill's extra event (meeting up with Jack) had no effect whatsoever on any plans. The Moms were being exclusionary with buying drinks. Normally, I wouldn’t care so much, but we did get them drinks, and they’re the ones who wanted to go all out for this. At the diner, how does the Nazi not have enough cash to cover her food? Did she think Miami was going to be cheap? Idiot.

Stay tuned for the exciting conlusion to Miami: Attack of the Idiots!

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