Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SRT¹ #13

So I was watching Sex & the City today, and I was thinking about how every girl I know associates herself with one of the main characters. It seems as though almost everyone wants to be Carrie. I always figured that was because she seemed to be the least slutty compared to the other three. If you disregard all characteristics and go by sheer numbers, it's true. From what I understand, it's mostly because of Sarah Jessica Parker's unwillingness to go as far as the other actresses with the more explicit scenes.

Here's the thing. Carrie is super annoying. It didn't really sink in with me while the series was still in production. At that time, I just wanted to know what happened, and the only personalites I really paid any attention to were those of Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte (mostly because they actually had personalities). On rewatching episodes, I found Carrie to be more and more annoying. In a show where the audience sides with the women by default, I found myself on the sides of the men she was dating.

For example, in that episode where she follows Mr. Big and his mother to church to finagle a meeting with the mother, I wanted to shake her horsey head until it popped off. I never understood the desire to meet someone else's parents. It grosses me out. For me, no one's getting introduced to the parents until there's some sort of engagement,² and even then, I'd still put it off as long as possible.

This is just one of many things that made me grow to hate her. Another is that incessant shrieking at everything in life. I assure you, there are more reasons than this for my annoyance with Carrie, but these are the only ones I felt like mentioning.

With this in mind, I ask you people who think they're the Carrie of their circles of friends: why do you want to be the Carrie? Are you a selfish, high-maintenance, shrieking shrew of a narcissist? If not, do you want to be? And if so, why? If you happen to catch the reruns of Sex and the City or have access to the DVDs, take a look at her and contemplate who she is. Don't be that person.

¹ "Super Random Tuesday" was getting too annoying to type in full each week, so it's been redubbed "SRT." Also, I am fully aware that it is now officially Wednesday (at least it is on the east coast), but I haven't been to bed yet, so in all practicality, it's still Tuesday to me. Get over it.

² Also gross. Ugh. Commitment.

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